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Beginner Zip Lining Tips

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Get Ready for Your First Adventure!


There’s nothing like the Zzzzzhhhh as you glide on the zip lines, the beating of your heart as you try something new and exciting, and the wind in your hair as you experience flight!

Zip Lining can be exhilarating and the ultimate experience for some. You’ll feel like a bird in flight as your soar over our cornfields and through the surrounding wooded areas on our 80-acre farm. But if you’ve never done it before, we understand that you might be feeling a little trepidation. Ease your mind and discover how much fun your zip lining adventure will be with these beginner zip lining tips.

Here are a few things you’ll want to know…

Zip Lining Safety

When it comes to safety—and fun—at Kersey Valley Attractions, we spare no expense. Our Zip Line Sky Towers are engineered with the best-in-class construction. Our Certified Flight Instructors work hand-in-hand with people of all skills and abilities. They take your safety very seriously and are highly trained under the ACCT guidelines (Association of Challenge Course Technology). They’re also CPR/First Aid certified.


Felt Safe and Secure the Entire Time!

“Our flight captains, Billy and Joel, we’re awesome! I had the best time! This was my first time and I was a tiny bit nervous because of the height, but I felt safe and secure the entire time. Safety was #1 priority at Kersey Valley! I had a blast!”

-Andrea Nicole Jarrett, Google Review


beginner zip lining tips

Zip Lining Equipment

As one of our flyers, you’ll get suited up in top-notch protective gear.

  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • Gloves
  • Lanyards, Carabiners, Pulleys, and Trolleys

All equipment is inspected both before and after each use. Your flight captains will help you suit up and make sure that everything is snug and secure. Then, after a short educational Flight School session, you’ll be ready to take your first flight!


Newbies in Our Group Loved It!

“We had so much fun. Had a few newbies in our group and they loved it. Our 11-year-old was the rock star, showing us all how it’s done. Big shout-out to the amazing Justin and the beautiful Mary. Great Flight Captains.”

-Sue Brown, Google Review


beginner zip lining tips

Beginner Zip Lining Tips

As a beginner, we want your first experience to be incredible. So, we have a few recommendations for you to follow during your Zip Lining adventure at Kersey Valley.

Wear closed-toe shoes. Be sure your shoes fit snugly and securely. Sandals and flip-flops are a no-no, as you will probably lose them in-flight.

Wear comfortable clothing. Your clothing should be breathable and comfortable during your tree-top experience. Long shorts, pants, leggings, or capri pants will provide padding against the harness and make your ride more comfortable. On warmer days, you can wear a t-shirt or tank top. And on cooler days, a long-sleeved shirt or sweatshirt will keep you warm enough. Plan to wear layers with a light jacket if the temperature is below 60°F. If the temperature is above 65°F, we recommend short sleeves and shorts.

BONUS: Cargo pockets are suggested, so you can securely carry a bottle of water and your phone/camera.

Empty your pockets. You don’t want to lose anything during flight (keys, coins, credit cards, bills, gadgets, phones, etc.); they will be pretty hard to find afterward.

Don’t take selfies. You’ll need to focus on what you’re doing in flight, and taking a photo means you’re not concentrating on safety—and the fun of the moment. We recommend you leave your phones behind or at least store them in cargo pants and use when not in flight.

Wear sunscreen and bug repellant. If you are sensitive to bugs, you may want to use bug repellant before your visit. And you’ll also want to use a strong sunscreen as well because you will be out in the sun the whole time. (Hint: if you need to use both, apply sunscreen first then bug repellant on top.)

Secure your glasses. If you wear glasses, secure them around your neck with a cord. Otherwise, wear contact lenses if you can and avoid wearing sunglasses too.

Tie back your hair. Ladies—and men—your hair must be tied back, braided, etc., and be secure with your helmet on. Long, loose hair can fly about on the zip line and get caught in the line above while you are in motion.

It’s OK if you don’t exercise regularly. Zip lines are made for people of all physical abilities to enjoy. Though generally, you do need to be in good physical condition and be able to ascend stairs throughout the Zip Line tour. You will pull down on a padded glove to brake yourself. And you may need to pull yourself across the line toward the platform edge using your upper-body strength.

Stay well hydrated. Don’t fly on an empty stomach. Drink water well before and during your flight to stay hydrated.

Listen carefully to the instructions and your flight captains. Your safety depends on paying attention to the do’s and don’ts and following your flight captains’ instructions at all times. We want you to have a super experience while you are here.


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