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Flight Captain's Blog


Zip Line Tours: Flying Daily

Although Kersey Valley Zip Line is open daily, year-round, the spring weather reminds us to get outdoors and have fun! Springtime Zip Lining Zip lining with friends, family or co-workers is an awesome getaway and an excuse to get outside. There is nothing quite like flying through the woods and open fields at Kersey Valley…

Summer Cookout Escapes

Kersey Valley Attractions has a great place to have your summer cookout with a FREE picnic shelter and grills for your family and friends to make your great escape to the country. Two massive grills are available for you to show off your grilling skills. Plus, we have two large picnic shelters to keep shade over your party with enough tables to seat more than 100 of your family members and friends. We have hosted many large groups that participate in not only our Zip Lines but also our other attractions. Cool Fun This Summer The Autopsy Escape is a favorite game for those looking to escape the sun, as this game has periods of darkness while you solve the puzzles in the morgue. Did you know we have a High Ropes Challenge Course, Outdoor Laser Tag, Indoor and Outdoor…